Typography is the art and technique of arranging type, type design, and modifying type glyphs.The beauty of typography is the simplicity of a design it doesn’t required thousands of colours and hundreds of different Photoshop/Illustrator layers in order to create great typography design, but on the other using a wide range of various types colours can still create a spectacular design. With the advancement of drawing software, typography has exploded as an artform. Infinite variations can be made with the click of a mouse. Typography art is no less amazing in its beauty and complexity.

Here on Typography Collection, we roundup the most amazing typography designs that we stumble across during our every day browsing. Also, we would love to hear some suggestions from you. We will be happy to feature your suggestions here. Send your suggestions via Twitter at twitter.com/monsteractive. Enjoy and get inspired!

Lyric Portrait 2nd Attempt by Cris Wicks

Beautiful Boogieman by Cris Wicks

Rites Of Water by Wojciech Pijecki

Joy by Faris Van De Lisdonk

Refreshh By Faris Van De Lisdonk

Typographic Beer Directions by Alex Caldwell

Typo-Graphic Dope by Francesco Muzzi

I Wish I Could Do This With My Penis by Francesco Muzzi

Playful Font by Pablo Alfieri

Twenty by Aiiven

Think Differently London 2 by Crymz

Some People Refuse 2 B Default by Ahmed Galal

All artwork copyright to their respective copyright holder.