Hello there, thanks for stopping by. In this tutorial, we will show you step by step on how to create a Monster Girl Digital Painting wallpaper. This tutorial created by Moodzafar of Monsteractive Studio. Enjoy!

Program : Adobe Photoshop CS4

1. Sketching!

I love this part. This sketch in about 10 minute.I didn’t really know what i was going to do  for the MonsterBlog  wallpaper for this week. I’m still got the hype from last week graffiti’s event, so i started to doodles a girl and a monster. I used a default brush named paletteknife with opacity 100% and flow 100%.

2. First Base Color

Remember this, the first base usually the pale one,used only 50% opacity and 100% flow and start color the base with full and solid color, theres no need to work on the shading or details.

3. First Shading

Beside sketching and base coloring,the best part about digital painting is that the first  color aren’t really defining the look at the moment, but they mostly show where the shade will be. So I used airbrush with opacity 35% and flow 100%.

4. More Colors

After the first color layer, its easier to see where to go with the painting. This time, I refine the cools and tried to define the shape just a lil’ bit more. Try it softly and Im sure that you will be amazed on what you’ve done. Painting realistic doesn’t mean it has to be precisely, it actually means believable. Still continue with stroke rendering opacity 35% and flow 100% airbrush.

5. Details & Adding New Things

Think while you paint. What do you want to say, where do u want your public to pay attention too.what parts need work, which parts can be left sketchy. In my case, I want to combine the details of the girl and a sketchy black and white monster, so I added a new stroke with opacity 100% and flow 100% to my new monster sketch.

6. Strokes

After finishing sketch on my monster,i used the same opacity and flow but i changed the master diameter brush to bold the black stroke around the monster to pops things up.

7. Combining Strokes

Don’t afraid to mix things up, use your master diameter for the brush size differently so that you will have different shape and stroke size. It will look good on the monster, trust me..

8. Final Check

Look at the monster and the woman for the final time, ask yourself  if it mix together or just plain hanging, touchup a little bit,make it real and finalize.

9. Add Finishing

For the final touch, I export the vector file of Monsteractive logo and font to photoshop file, and merge them together. Thank you for reading.

Moodzafar from Monsteractive team.