Evan Leeson also known as Ecstaticist is a complete and versatile photographer from Victoria, Canada. He has an enormous talent, making even the dullest of things look spectacular. With his remarkable sensitivity and sense of artistic beauty, he manages to combine his camera skills and mastery in post-process to maximum effect in creating fine photographic art that is both beautiful and inspirational.

He started joining flickr in March 2006, which most of the picture that time are nature. Later on he began to experiment with his photography skills and random ideas to produce stunning pictures.

For more Evan Leeson’s awesome aerial photography, we highly recommended you to visit his flickr here. Enjoy and get inspired!

White Caps by Evan Leeson

Under Mt. Baker by Evan Leeson

Sky Pager by Evan Leeson

Seattle from the Space Needle by Evan Leeson

Robson Lights by Evan Leeson

Nascent Armada by Evan Leeson

Model San Francisco by Evan Leeson

High Diver by Evan Leeson

Head on Vancouver by Evan Leeson

Golden 13 by Evan Leeson

False Creek by Evan Leeson

False Creek Bridges by Evan Leeson

Eyes of The World by Evan Leeson

Cloud over Coal Harbour by Evan Leeson

Blue and Green by Evan Leeson

All artwork copyright Evan Leeson or their respective copyright holder.