Hello there, thanks for stopping by. Sites Of The Week is a roundup of the awesome website designs that we stumble across during our every day browsing. Also, we would love to hear some suggestions from you. We will be happy to feature your site here. Send your suggestions via Twitter. Enjoy & get inspired!

1. Cornerd.com – Specializing in Designing & Building Sites For Small Businesses

2. TodayTheWorldIs.com – Overall Percentage of How Positive or Negative The World’s News Is Today

3. Pepperplane.com – A Dynamic & Exciting Company That Aims to Raise The Bar For Web Design, Graphic Design & Illustration

4. MathieuClauss.com – Online Portfolio of Mathieu Clauss, Graphic & Web Designer From Strasbourg

5. Duuel.com – Flex Your Skills & Challenge Your Friends or Foes To a Design Duuel

6. Pop-The-Box.com – Provide Guidance & Support For Your Engagement Experience