Raphael Vicenzi also known as Mydeadpony is a professional illustration artist from Brussels, Belgium. His work focused mostly on Fashion and Digital Arts. Most of his work are a combination of photo, paintings and typography.

He currently represent Colagene that founded in Montreal in 2001. Most of his work has been featured in Illustration now 3, The Beautiful, The New age of feminine drawing, Advanced photoshop, Digital arts and many other publications, books and on the web.

To see more of Raphael’s creative illustrations, we highly recommended you to check out his Behance gallery here and follow his tumblr here. Enjoy!

Digging for gold – new works by Raphael Vicenzi

MDP vs Nathalie van Wageningen by Raphael Vicenzi

depthCORE-NOIR by Raphael Vicenzi

2013 by Raphael Vicenzi

2012 by Raphael Vicenzi

2011 by Raphael Vicenzi

Taschen Portraits by Raphael Vicenzi

Works 2010 by Raphael Vicenzi

Popshot – Liberate issue by Raphael Vicenzi

Depthcore – EVE by Raphael Vicenzi

All artwork copyright Raphael Vicenzi or their respective copyright holder.