ONEQ is a self-taught artist. She mixes Japanese and American art styles when dealing with manga designs. Most of her artwork is influenced by Rumiko Takahashi and Rockin’ Jelly Bean. ONEQ was born in Japan, which we can see why her artwork are related to Japanese style.

Her illustrations might be defined as pop style with an underground flavor. She likes to create simple images and ONEQ started with a pencil and sketchbook and then use photoshop type programs to add color. She like orange and red tones the most. Recently, ONEQ have been focusing her work on old Japanese manga style illustration.

To see more of ONEQ unique and inspirational artworks, we highly recommended you to check out her Behance gallery here and follow her blog here. Enjoy!

Model:Areume by ONEQ

Illustration by ONEQ

kao2 by ONEQ

Sketch by ONEQ

Illustration Supa by ONEQ

All artwork copyright ONEQ or their respective copyright holder.