Fil Dunsky is an amazing and highly talented artists from Saint Petersburg, Russia. He started drawing from the age of 12 by helping his father drawing some simple cards. Fil graduated with a Diploma in Graphic Design & Arts at Far Eastern Pedagogical University and soon he started gaining valuable experience in local design studio before going full time freelancer.

His artworks are some of the most beautiful and heart-warming design we’ve ever seen in the moment. His work is so cheerful, joyful and sweet with a lot of colors and shades that adds depth to his design. With so much talent and creativity on Fil, it is no wonder he got impressive list of clients including Wrigley(China), Danone, BBDO Moscow, Henkel, Alfa-Bank and much more.

To see more of Fil’s unique and inspirational artworks, we highly recommended you to check out his personal website here, his Behance gallery here and follow his blog here. Enjoy!

Octobot by Fil Dunsky

Coffee Point by Fil Dunsky

The Black Cat Sheriff by Fil Dunsky

The Road Safety Kids by Fil Dunsky

This Is How I Feel by Fil Dunsky

About Zebra by Fil Dunsky

Woman Flora by Fil Dunsky

New Year Of Digital Design by Fil Dunsky

God Is Love by Fil Dunsky

All artwork copyright Fil Dunsky or their respective copyright holder.