Joel Hustak is a talented concept artist living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Arts majoring in Illustration in 2010 at Sheridan College. Most of his artworks specialized in character design, creature and environment design for the entertainment industry.  His unique style with loads of creativity in every of his artworks is an instant inspiration to viewers.

His artworks are really impressive and we love his creative approach on fresh conceptual ideas. Although there is not much about this artist, we clearly can see Joel’s bright future in this industry. We highly recommended you to check out his website here, his DeviantArt gallery here and follow Joel’s update on his blog here. Enjoy!

Abominable Snowman by Joel Hustak

Cinnabear by Joel Hustak

Swamp Thing by Joel Hustak

Shadow Eel by Joel Hustak

Cerberus by Joel Hustak

Flawless Victory by Joel Hustak

Centerra by Joel Hustak

Meditator by Joel Hustak

Glitch Goblin by Joel Hustak

H by Joel Hustak

All artwork copyright Joel Hustak or their respective copyright holder.