David MacDowell is a highly talented and self-taught artist living in Chesapeake, Virginia. Working primarily with acrylics on canvas, he successfully incorporates media culture and social themes into brilliant yet controversial satirical paintings. David is not afraid of tapping into the dark side of American media worship by topping off celebrity and other famous people renderings with creative and hilariously acidic sense of humor.

Coming from a psychedelic and creative mind, his highly impressive art is about real life in an eccentric way to tell. His illustrations always raise a smile and we think it is actually very hard for anyone to dislike his awesome work. David also explains his satirical take on popular culture in an interview with Arrested Motion: “My life and art is pretty PG-13. Its pop rock. So I usually just leave the hardcore stuff up to the adults”.

If you want to know more about David stunning illustrations and artworks, we recommend you to check out his website here, follow his DeviantArt here and check out his Behance gallery here. Enjoy!

Flying While Intoxicated by Dave MacDowell

Ridin’ The Zeppelin by Dave MacDowell

Abide by Dave MacDowell

Pryor On Fire by Dave MacDowell

Kitty Fight by Dave MacDowell

Fly by Dave MacDowell

My Beloved by Dave MacDowell

My Little Ratso by Dave MacDowell

The Last Friday by Dave MacDowell

Fixing A Hole by Dave MacDowell

Who Ya Gunna Call? by Dave MacDowell

All artwork copyright David MacDowell or their respective copyright holder.