Dan Park is an amazing and super talented artist from New York. Born and raised in Dallas, he spent his youth age playing soccer, shooting things with his slingshot and working on his art. In 2002, he moved to New York City to further his studies at the School of Visual Arts under the guidance of Tom Woodruff.

As an art teacher himself, Dan helps a lot of students build up their own portfolios for admittance to art schools all around the country. He lives and breathes art-teaching by day and working on his art by night. Dan’s artworks are really stunning and quickly catch our attention when we first discovered him. Every single pieces of his artwork tells different sort of story and that’s enough to tell us how creative he can be. We are also in love with his unique style and coloring. Dan’s artwork usually full of colors and textures combined with interesting angle makes it much more amazing.

We highly recommended you to go to Dan’s website here to see all of his great artworks. Enjoy and get inspired!

Diner by Dan Park

Life Tracking by Dan Park

Requiem by Dan Park

Austin Monthly by Dan Park

Dinosaurs! by Dan Park

Sincerely by Dan Park

Share by Dan Park

Offering by Dan Park

Subway Dreams by Dan Park

Apatow Crew by Dan Park

Tiger JK by Dan Park

Jenny Lewis by Dan Park

All artwork copyright Dan Park or their respective copyright holder.