Lisa Haney is an amazingly talented illustrator from Boulder, Colorado. She attended the University of Buffalo on a full Presidential Scholarship. After a stint at the Buffalo News as an illustration intern, she moved to New York City, and found work with The Daily News and the New York Times. From there, her client base expanded to include publications as varied as Fortune, The Progressive, and MAD Magazine.

Her scratchboard artwork is incredibly detailed and inspirational. Lisa explains it well, so we quote from her profile on Imagekind: “I work in scratchboard, which is a reverse process: the board starts out all black, and then one scratches away the ink to reveal the chalky surface underneath. The colors are added later, with dyes. Very cool!”.

If you want to dig more about Lisa Haney stunning illustrations and artworks, we highly recommend you to check out her personal website here and her Behance gallery here. Enjoy and get inspired!

Challenges For User Mobility Research by Lisa Haney

Detection And Prevention Of Stack Buffer Overflow Attacks by Lisa Haney

Did I Pack Everything? Anxiety by Lisa Haney

Downside Protection With Double Digit Returns by Lisa Haney

Even Deadlier (Book) by Lisa Haney

Fun Ideas For Kids Halloween Parties by Lisa Haney

How Effective Are Rectangles? by Lisa Haney

How To Fix Your Life In 2009 by Lisa Haney

What Motivates Wikipedians? by Lisa Haney

What’s That Smell? Sometimes, Vertical Living Really Stinks by Lisa Haney

What’s This About Cultural Pollution? by Lisa Haney

All artwork copyright Lisa Haney or their respective copyright holder.