Marek Okon or known as Omen2501 is an amazing and extremely talented digital artist from Lublin, Poland. He began working as a web designer and flash animator in his early day of his career and became interested in digital painting in 2005. Today, he is specialized in producing high quality concept art, illustration and matte painting mostly used for advertising.

Most of his artworks are mixed of sci-fi and fantasy as his love of technical stuff like machinery, computers and spaceships. The huge amount of details add up with fresh creativity he showed in each of his illustration is really inspiring and amazing to look at. Marek’s impressive clientele including LucasArts, Platige Image, Future Publishing, The Collective Game Studio and the biggest Polish fantasy publisher, Fabryka Slow.

If you want to know more about Marek and his stunning illustrations, we highly recommend you to check out his personal website here, his Deviantart portfolio here and his CGsociety page here. Enjoy!

Hardcore by Marek Okon

Suit Up by Marek Okon

Sins Of NeonCity by Marek Okon

Beneath The NeonCity by Marek Okon

Escape From NeonCity by Marek Okon

Rain by Marek Okon

Grid Girl by Marek Okon

Hostile Takeover by Marek Okon

Checkpoint by Marek Okon

Age Of Odin by Marek Okon

Shrapnel by Marek Okon

All artwork copyright Marek Okon or their respective copyright holder.