Michal Dziekan is an amazing and talented illustrator/artist from Warsaw, Poland. He also work as a character designer and animator. Most of his artwork combines real life situation with surreal twist and some dark humor for good measure. His artwork might be intimidating for some but in the same time it’s impressive and outstanding – an interesting interpretation of his creative mind.

Although we can see large percentage of his artwork contains some kind of cruelty, gore, violence and dark, his style is completely original and memorable. The amount of details in every pieces of his work are really amazing and nicely illustrated. Michal has simply created some of the most impressive artworks we’ve ever seen.

To dig more about Michal’s awesome and inspirational illustrations, we recommend you to check out his personal website here, his Behance gallery here and don’t forget to follow his work updates on his blog here. Enjoy!

Leniwiec Illustrations by Michal Dziekan

Ruins by Michal Dziekan

Evening News : Raging Mob! by Michal Dziekan

Road Rage by Michal Dziekan

Down Down Down by Michal Dziekan

The Great Escape by Michal Dziekan

Bon Appetite! by Michal Dziekan

Hansel & Gretel by Michal Dziekan

Hate Propaganda by Michal Dziekan

Spilled Holiday by Michal Dziekan

Dragon by Michal Dziekan

Above The Ground by Michal Dziekan

All artwork copyright Michal Dziekan or their respective copyright holder.