Carlos Lerma or known as Lerms is an extremely talented artist from Cancún, Mexico. This Mexican illustrator deliver us a truly stunning portfolio which are pure eye candy for the lovers of contemporary illustrations and characters around the net. His artworks are rich with colors, full of textures and simply inspirational to see – it is so amazing how he improved his style and technique from time to time.

Drawing since he can remember, Lerms is influenced by various artists such as Yoshitaka Amano, Craig Thompson, Hope Larson and Sean Galloway. He also describing himself as a ‘fan of everyone and everything’. With so much talent and creativity on Lerms, it is no wonder his illustrations are published in diverse publication including ABWA Magazine, POPGUN Anthology, Revista Magazine, 60 United for Children Art Book and much more.

To see more of his unique and inspirational artworks, don’t forget to check out Lerms personal website here or you can visit his DeviantArt gallery here. Enjoy!

Elora Danan by Lerms

Toys by Lerms

One Am Radio B by Lerms

There Is Nothing Free by Lerms

3 Hit Combo by Lerms

What’s Up by Lerms

Do You Believe In The Users by Lerms

Landscape Study by Lerms

Lesson by Lerms

Soul by Lerms

Just Gotta Get Right Outta Here by Lerms

All artwork copyright Carlos Lerma or their respective copyright holder.