Sam Werczler aka Talktosam is an amazing and talented artist from São Paulo, Brazil. Sam studied fine arts for 3 years at Escola Panamericana de Arte in São Paulo and at New York University. He graduated in marketing and advertising with a grand prix award at ESPM and later Sam worked as an art director in advertising agencies for 5 years before started his own design studio.

Having his arts influent heavily by mixture of comic style, psychedelic and surreal design, Sam’s unique style of work is absolutely stunning and inspiring. There are a lot of soft, delicate and liquid shapes combined with clever use of color make his artworks look so energetic and lively. Familiar with all the digital tools, he surely knows how to convey his creative ideas into canvas.

To see more of Sam’s great illustrations, we recommend you to check out his personal website here, his Linkedin profile here or visit his Behance portfolio here. Enjoy and get inspired!

Kahanka by Sam Werczler

Rooster Cogburn by Sam Werczler

Carnaval Fantasy by Sam Werczler

British Invasion by Sam Werczler

Dalination by Sam Werczler

Humanity Step by Sam Werczler

Darwinamic by Sam Werczler

Pandora’s Mask by Sam Werczler

Paranoid by Sam Werczler

Animal Series – Turtle by Sam Werczler

Animal Series – Sea Lion by Sam Werczler

All artwork copyright Sam Werczler or their respective copyright holder.