Warren Louw is an inspiring and very talented artist from Johannesburg, South Africa. Warren’s got some of the most amazing works and pretty wicked style when it comes to create girl portrait or illustration. We also like his style very much – from classic asian sketch outlines to a more realistic coloring, his artworks are truly stunning and refreshing!

Although there is not much information available about this amazing artist yet, we hope everyone enjoy browsing his DeviantArt gallery here or head over to his CGsociety gallery here. Cheers!

Maia by Warren Louw

Caroline by Warren Louw

Roxy Close Up by Warren Louw

Felicia Close Up by Warren Louw

Gia by Warren Louw

Cat by Warren Louw

Mariam by Warren Louw

Megan by Warren Louw

You Are The Creator by Warren Louw

Design Edge by Warren Louw

All artwork copyright Warren Louw or their respective copyright holder.