Cyril Rolando or known as AquaSixio is a talented artist from Marseille, France. By profession, he is a clinician psychologist, but in his spare time he is an amazing digital artist – drawing for fun and focused primarily on surreal human emotions. He self-describe his artwork as “a return to childhood, where animals can speak, dreams become reality and imagination rules the world”.

Despite never attending formal art school, Cyril’s work resembles a creative and surreal form of painting, a bit dark and twisted but still full of creativity. He also draws inspiration from the like of Tim Burton and Hayao Miyazaki to create surreal pieces which are impressive and interesting to look at.

To see more of his creative illustrations, you can check out his personal website here. In addition to posting and sharing his works on DeviantArt, Cyril also post a lot of tutorials to help others learn a thing about digital painting. Check out his DeviantArt portfolio here. Enjoy and get inspired!

Fashion Victim by Cyril Rolando

I Don’t Come From… A Forest by Cyril Rolando

It Will Come Off With Soap by Cyril Rolando

Cheese Players by Cyril Rolando

Blowing Bubbles by Cyril Rolando

Breathe Me by Cyril Rolando

Song Of The Soul Washer by Cyril Rolando

Alien Invasion? It’s A Joke by Cyril Rolando

Purblind Puppets by Cyril Rolando

I Don’t Come From… A Jungle by Cyril Rolando

All artwork copyright Cyril Rolando or their respective copyright holder.