Sebastien Feraut or known as Niark1 has a unique and well defined illustration style packed with shapes and loud colors. His portfolio is a great example of marrying custom type and character based illustration work, with clean, concise design. With so much talent there is no ambiguity to appreciate why Niark1 has such a big client list including Pictoplasma, Eastpak, SFR, Artoyz, Goeland, Levi’s and others.

Visit his stunning illustrations and artwork here.

1. JOIA King by Niark1

2. Funny Funny by Niark1

3. Totem by Niark1

4. Mystic Bear by Niark1

5. Insects by Niark1

6. La Vida Loca by Niark1

7. Night Rider by Niark1

8. Revenge by Niark1

9. Beat The Boat by Niark1

10. Lost In Space by Niark1

All artwork copyright Sebastien Feraut or their respective copyright holder.