Whenever a designer or artist start designing logo, he/she should be well educated with the business field the brand is going to run. This can save a lot of time to research and designer can get a clear idea to design a memorable and unique logo for the business. An effective logo is also crucial for the brand to stand out from other competitors.

In today’s post, we compiled another round of Awesome Logo Design Collection for your to inspire and hopefully can spark your creative juice while designing your next logo. This logos are created by some of the most talented designers and artists from all over the world. You can click on the image to go to the original sources. Enjoy!

1. HD Live by Peter Vasvari

2. Bau House by Richard Melchiades

3. Snabba Cash by Henric

4. Bulb Fiction by Loskens

5. Innovolabs By Muku Studio

6. Unalloved by Savko Mihajljevic

7. Flo Entertainment by Jimi Hunt

8. Slicedlemon Films by Almosh82

9. Cesca by Sarah

10. Grand Report by Vsevolod Navashin

11. Sarvodaya Hospital by Dipankar Paul

12. Ad Positive by Leonardo Recalcati

13. Alfa by Aleksandr Sukiasov

14. Be Human by Sam Demastrie

15. Winc by Alneo

16. Subdesign Logo by Subdesigned

17. Petty Bone by Mysoopahdoopah

18. Swiss Tap by Graham Smith

19. Greenland by Epicantus

20. Muddy Land by Romi Dumitrescu

All artwork copyright to the artist or their respective copyright holder.