A creative and well-executed logo design can make huge impact on consumer’s mind. This can be proved – even the least educated person can still recognize a brand by only looking at the logo. Logo becomes one of the most important part to show company’s identity to the public and it is necessary to design a unique, simple and easy to remember logo.

Whenever a designer or artist start designing logo, he/she should be well educated with the business field the brand is going to run. This can save a lot of time to research and designer can get a clear idea to design a memorable and unique logo for the business. An effective logo is also crucial for the brand to stand out from other competitors.

In today’s post, we compiled another round of Awesome Logo Design Collection for your to inspire and hopefully can spark your creative juice while designing your next logo. This logos are created by some of the most talented designers and artists from all over the world. You can click on the image to go to the original sources. Enjoy!

1. Tourshow by Grandmix

2. Playquid by Deathart

3. 3D Planet by Cormdesign

4. ExDebt Partners by Rafal Lacinski

5. Mediterraneo Bags by Michele Greco

6. Celtrino by Jason Shaw

7. Sandow Media by Jason Chaw

8. Tubridge Ranch by Sandi Dez

9. Microwd by Danny Keane

10. The Urban Sound of Amsterdam by Jose

11. Kameleon by Michael Papandrea

12. Songcake by Badovsky

13. Caland by Aurora Hales

14. Design Hunter by Aurora Hales

15. Assault by Tim Easley

16. IDOM Logo by Federico Landini

17. Trolley Pub by Paul Hocking

18. Hotel Hochkalter by Markus Schmid

19. Legazin Professional by Raul Alkazar

20. Damex Mania by Hamzahamo

All artwork copyright to the artist or their respective copyright holder.