A logo is a major element which is used to represent a business or product. Basically, a good and effective logo design will show your professional approach of business to customers and clients. It will help differentiate your product from other company’s products in the same market and attract new customers.

As a logo is very important factor on business, we can see a lot of big companies are redesigning and updating their logos from time to time. Brands like Apple, Microsoft, MSN, Myspace and others are already redesigned their logos to stay relevant and up-to-date. Often designing a logo is quite a hard process. Designers has to study and do research of all concepts before starting to design and produce a quality logo for your business.

In today’s post, we collected some of the most Creative Logo Design Collection for your inspiration. We hope these list will give you creative ideas for your next logo design projects. Enjoy and get inspired!

1. DIST Visual Identity by Martin Stousland

2. Valley Properties Group LLC Logo by Viviana Nino

3. Elecamp by Fabio Ribeiro

4. Empirika Identity by Joel Den Engelsen

5. Yellow by Gabriel Saqueto

6. Electron Logo by Spanisheyzzz

7. Pastry King Logo by Alvardesign

8. Balik – For Kids by Askdzigner

9. National Rail Media by JasperHazelnut

10. Bodetree Logo by Lonuska

11. Salaroo by Panda

12. Listed Logo by Epicantus

13. Valic Teater by Igor Donkov

14. Blur Logo by Pedro Donini

15. Vanderly Logo by Joan Pons Moll

16. Speedy Space Logo by Almosh82

17. Brand Futures Group Logo by Flovey

18. Techmind by Lwillys

19. Cineat Logo by Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez

20. Piano Rio Logo by Moises Sousa

All artwork copyright to the artist or their respective copyright holder.