Ah, wallpaper.. Who doesn’t love them? There are colorful, bright, dark, simple, details, grunge, swirly, and beautiful – wallpaper is simply a fine piece of art. It’s always nice to refresh your wallpaper desktop or laptop every now and then especially when there are a lot of high quality and free wallpapers to download on the internet.

One of the most popular choices of desktop wallpaper use by us nowadays is vector illustrations. Vector artworks can cover wide variety of subjects including portrait, landscape, cartoon, typography and much more. No wonder there are tons of cool and vibrant vector wallpapers are available online, created by some of the amazing artists and designers in the world.

So today, we hand picked some of the High Quality & Creative Vector Wallpapers for you to enjoy and hopefully can put a new life into your screen. You can click on the image to go to its original source and please follow their instruction on how and where to download the wallpaper of your choice. All of wallpaper’s resolution are in various sizes, from 1280 x 960 and even higher. Enjoy and get inspired!

Good Cop Bad Chop – Reloaded by Neilakoga

Gatchaga by Quiccs

The Ultimate Cute Wallpaper by Csjwcr

A Trip To Wonderland by Secroit

Colorama by Yofikus

Quikitsujin 1982 Widescreen by Quiccs

Pih Pah Definition_Allover by DamageCult

En Voyage by Ekster

Clarion Countryside by Jugga-Lizzle

Little Happy Hilly Wallpaper by Acrylicana

Esprematozoides by Rafajija

Bamboo Zen by MissNysha

The Garden by Minimalminds

CMYK Monster by Ivan-Bliznak

Sneaker Happy Battlekit by Quiccs

Twilight by Kjherstin

Wall Of Candy by Pepper-Tea

Yeti’s World by Giorgos93

Beargy by Ivan-Bliznak

Honey To The Bee… by Nabhan

Compadres by Natalia-Factory

La Felicidad Es El Camino by Chicho21net

Bunny Bunny Kiss Kiss by Lafhaha

Just Another Hipster Wallpaper by MixmasterAngel

Much Better Than Before by Zilla774

Big City Dreams by Defbeat

Apple Retro by Flarup

Rise Together by Csjwcr

Simply Retro by Chocolate-Paper

Run This Way by ExpansionDesign

All the artworks are copyright of their respected owners and creators. This post is about just to show their creative ideas. Please contact us if anyone want to remove their work.