Jason Lee is a wonderful, cool and a very creative father of two cute little girls from San Francisco. He is known as a wedding photographer, savouring the magic moment in his clent’s wedding. Apart from taking pictures of wedding, he loves to spend times with his two lovely and cute daughters by taking their pictures and the results are always wonderful.

The way he directed and composed his pictures are well thought, creative and original. And of course, without his two daughters cooperation and their talent to get into characters are very important to complete the pictures.

For more of Jason Lee’s creative photography works, visit his Portfolio site, Flickr site and don’t forget to check out his lovely daughter’s blog here. Enjoy and get inspired!

Aaaaa-Aaaaa-Choo! by Jason Lee

Angry Birds by Jason Lee

Back To School by Jason Lee

Bread Winner by Jason lee

Caught In The Act by Jason Lee

Hap-Pie Birthday by Jason Lee

Happy New Year by Jason Lee

iKids by Jason Lee

It’s Like A…. by Jason Lee

It’s Like Pulling Teeth by Jason Lee

There’s Always A Catch by Jason Lee

You Light Up My Life by Jason Lee

All artwork copyright Jason Lee or their respective copyright holder.