Architecture is a visual art, which define the complex ideas of a historic period and styles. Modernism wasn’t just another style. It presented a new way of thinking about architecture. Some design can be an expressionism of the architect, some of them just want to show the high technology and some of them wanted to express formalism design.

Since buildings are not moving, it is easy to  snap a picture of it. Photographers use their talent to photograph some of the most amazing and beautiful views of the buildings that we sometimes simply overlook and this help us understand more about the greatness of the architectural design.

In this post, we gathered some of the Creative Architectural Design from all over the world, photographed by various talented photographer. You can click on the image to reach to the original source. Enjoy & get inspired!

1. De Kijk – Kubus woningen by SaruLa

2. Bodega de Ysios – La Guardia by sealisthenewbeaver

3. Death of Modernism by lecercle

4. house of 5 dreams4 by cayter

5. Danish Architecture by Anna’s 50

6. Bella Sky Hotel by Christmas Junkie

7. rockheim_lys_1 by rockheim

8. Cape Architecture by Jakes 1944

9. Khan Shatyr by gotnur

10. Casa Mila (La Pedrera) by DraXus

11. Moustaches by Eole

12. Centro Civico de Vitacure by Victor Perez

13. Southern Cross Station by Hakke 69

14. multiplication by felix_m

15. Urban Frenzy by leadvein

16. Reflecting Valencia by Dan Wiklund

17. Casa Hotel Mono by Rob Ferrol

18. Antwerp by leadvein

19. Royal Ontario Museum by nmg+

20. Singapore – I light Marina Bay 2012 Garden of Light by Wang Guowen

All artworks, images and photos copyright to their respective copyright holder.