Hello there! It’s time for another series of creative animations of the week. Hope that they will give the inspiration that you are looking for for your long overdue projects you’ve been working on. Created by various talents & artists from all-over the world, we are listing some of the most Creative & Inspiring Animations Collections that will surely refresh you with a lot of inspirations. Stay tuned for more and enjoy!

1. Last Known Surroundings by Explosions In The Sky

2. Sayonara by Eric Bates

3. Protest Zapping by Max Moertl

4. Forks by Tim Peix

5. 140 dB by Tadas Svilainis

6. Dripped by ChezEddy

7. The Gangster And The Pervert Peer by Tony Comley

8. Rabbitkadabra! by Rabbitkadabra!