Mishka Clothing is a streetwear brand born out of Brooklyn, New York City. Mishka Clothing references all things that it’s two creators are inspired by in the underground punk and skate scenes of the 80’s as well as some heavy metal, horror and comics to boot culture.

In Russian, Mishka means ‘Bear Cub’ an animal the founders found to be intelligent and gentle but ready to rip your head off if angered! Mishka NYC features the bear cub across it’s seasonal collections. Mishka’s signature plaid t shirts are a must have for your wardrobe this season. Click on the pictures to go to the Mishka online store. Enjoy!

1. 187 T-Shirt Black

2. Anthropo-Mop-Ic T-Shirt Black

3. Bandit-1$M T-Shirt White

4. Black Metal Mop T-Shirt White

5. Cyrillic Stack T-Shirt White

6. Fuck Punk T-Shirt White

7. Mishka x Black Scale T-Shirt

8. Mishka x Diamond T-Shirt

9. Oversized Adders T-Shirt Navy

10. Bear Mop T-Shirt Heather

11. Collage Mop T-Shirt Black