Lifted Research Group or known as LRG is co-founded in 1999 in Santa Ana, CA, by Jonas Bevacqua and Robert Wright. LRG is a creative lifestyle clothing company that represented a variety of influences, a reflection of Jonas and Robert’s environment and interests.

Through LRG’s success as a brand and inclusive group concept, it has become an outlet to express not only Jonas and Robert’s ideas, but also a platform for others to do the same. LRG takes pride in discovering and uncovering new and emerging talent.

” Think of us as a support group for the independent and underground culture. We’re trying to put the spotlight where we think it really belongs, because it’s much more than clothing and concepts, it is a way of living. L-R-G innovative essence for the above average person.”

For those of you who know who you are, know what you want, and are NOT afraid to express yourself true to form and flavor ; let the clothes you wear reflect your conscious choice to stand apart from the masses.

1. LRG The Heroic Tragedy Tee

2. LRG To Hell & Back Tee

3. LRG On To The Next Script Tee

4. LRG Head In The Clouds Tee

5. LRG The Cool Cat Tee

6. LRG El Lobo ( The Wolf ) Tee

7. Core Collection Eight Tee

8. LRG Art of Cycling Tee