Hello there! Hope you’re doing fine today. Cool Stuff Collection is a roundup of the coolest and most interesting gadgets & stuff on the street including watches, glasses, sneakers, jewellery, toys, wallets, caps (basically everything!)  that we stumble across during our every day browsing. Also, we would love to hear some suggestions from you. Send your suggestions via Twitter now. See ya around & enjoy!

USB Bombshell Mp3 Player

USB Bombshell MP3 Player is not only a portable speaker, but also a radio / MP3 player. Built in Lithium Ion battery – convenient to use. It gives you a retro feel and can be a decoration for your desk. Kaboom!

9mm Gun Sconces

Each 9mm is slip-cast in ceramic through plaster molds and reproduced to create these sconces. Each sconce comes with matte black top hat shades lined with gold for a beautiful luminance of light.

Lethal Pro Gadget Spider Stand

The Lethal Pro holds thousands of devices. It clings, hangs, grabs, holds, hovers and rides. This tool will change the way you work, play, and use your most necessary devices.

Romain Jerome Space Invaders Watches

Romain Jerome is paying tribute to late-20th century pop culture by launching a double limited-edition of SPACE INVADERS watches, designed like generational totems. Space awesomeness!

Hard Graft 3Fold Nero Bag

One bag. Three distinct formats. The 3Fold is a slim Laptop Bag, a spacious Overnighter or a sizeable A2 Portfolio Bag. The intelligent nature of the bag makes it as flexible as your lifestyle demands.

Audio-Technica Rugged Compact Speaker

Utilizing 3 AAA batteries, the speaker can last up to 29 hours of playback time. The black mesh grill covering the speaker dome is not just for aesthetic purposes, it evens out and smoothens the high and low frequencies it produces.

Diesel SBA Watches

Three to four watches in one, each with either a chronograph, digital display or other analog time zones, these Diesel SBA watches max out at 65 millimeters!

Kogeto DOT Panaromic Video Camera for iPhone 4

Snap DOT onto your iPhone 4 and step into the future. In an instant you can capture fully immersive 360-degree videos and share them with friends and family – all in a package that slips easily into you pocket.

The iPhone 4 SLR Mount

This case-adapter combo lets you mount your Canon EOS or Nikon SLR lenses to your iPhone 4 giving your phone powerful depth of field and manual focus. Now that your favorite camera has it all, what are you going to do with your DSLR?

Toms Eyewear

Toms Eyewear plans on continuing their tradition of goodwill by offering assistance to people in need of ocular surgery, reading glasses or sunglasses per every pair purchased. This is a guilt-free buying spree!

Pinza Cord Holders

The Pinza will rotate up allowing the cord to slide through. When you stop pulling, the Pinza will rotate back down, pinning the cord and holding it in place. Cords will never be a troublemakers again.