Abstract art somehow manage to gain popularity among art fans around the world because of the fact that it has its own degree of independence – gives one the chance to imagine and explore the deep meaning behind every pieces of abstract artwork. Abstract art also has infinite ways of conveying messages from the visual representations. We tend to ask ourselves the question, what things, objects, lines or colors are present or what they are intend for. The true essence of abstract art is the emotional response it evokes from their viewers – pleasant, sparkling or soft colors are always what our eyes want!

For today’s post, we compiled some examples of Cool & Beautiful Abstract Art Wallpapers that will add color and spice up your desktop screen. You can click on the image to go to its source and please follow their instruction on how and where to download the wallpaper of your choice. All of wallpaper’s resolution are in various sizes, from 1280 x 960 and even higher or lower. Enjoy!

Radar Wallpaper by Jason Benjamin

Platform Wallpaper by Jason Benjamin

Squares-Test 2 by Rovert13

Wavery Silences by Xyphid

Ebb and Flow by Jazzilady

Dancer by Satmack

The Room Is Spinning by Sed

Zionello by Kybel

Cosmic Pink Flame by Gigistar

Firework by Jindra12

Wave by Sadira22

Light Vectors by Genieneovo

In The Mouth Of Madness by Ingostan

Sunrise Projector by Afloodiscoming

Canyon Blue by Gigistar

Twelve by Naeq

Starfield by Egirldesign

Paper Peacock by Johandiego

Colourful Universe by Simon Page

Composition #84 by Patrick Gunderson

Composition #83 by Patrick Gunderson

Electro Color by Joao Oliveira

Interface Design by Wojciech Pijecki

Waiting For A Better Day by Nkeo

Out Of Control by Qa9ed2000

All the images are copyright of their respected owners and creators. This post is about just to show their creative ideas. Please contact us if anyone want to remove their work.