30+ Creative & Stunning Illustrations

Art is a concept that influences and affects one or more of the emotions, senses and intellectual. Art also can be motivated, referring to intentional, conscious actions on the part of the artists. These may be to bring about political change, to comment on an aspect of society…

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Showcase #23 – Michal Dziekan

Michal Dziekan is an amazing and talented illustrator/artist from Warsaw, Poland. He also work as a character designer and animator. Most of his artwork combines real life situation with surreal twist and some dark humor for good measure. His artwork might be intimidating for…

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Showcase #22 – Carlos Lerma

Carlos Lerma or known as Lerms is an extremely talented artist from Cancún, Mexico. This Mexican illustrator deliver us a truly stunning portfolio which are pure eye candy for the lovers of contemporary illustrations and characters around the net. His artworks are rich with colors, full of textures…

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Showcase #21 – Sam Werczler

Sam Werczler aka Talktosam is an amazing and talented artist from São Paulo, Brazil. Sam studied fine arts for 3 years at Escola Panamericana de Arte in São Paulo and at New York University. He graduated in marketing and advertising with a grand prix award…

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Showcase #20 – Sachin Teng

Sachin Teng is a talented and amazing artist based in New York City. He attended Pratt Institute for his BFA in Illustration. Sachin’s exceptional ability to combine and incorporate surreal elements in his artwork resulting a rare and stunning piece of art…

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30 Creative & Amazing Illustrations

As you may know, there are a lot of brilliant illustrations have been done digitally or traditionally by awesome artists from all over the globe. All of their artworks has been created with great creativity and huge effort to stand out from the rest…

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Showcase #19 – Warren Louw

Warren Louw is an inspiring and very talented artist from Johannesburg, South Africa. Warren’s got some of the most amazing works and pretty wicked style when it comes to create girl portrait or illustration. We also like his style very much…

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Showcase #18 – Cyril Rolando

Cyril Rolando or known as AquaSixio is a talented artist from Marseille, France. By profession, he is a clinician psychologist, but in his spare time he is an amazing digital artist – drawing for fun and focused primarily on surreal human emotions. He self-describe his artwork as…

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