A cityscape is the urban equivalent of a landscape while a skyline is best described as the overall or partial view of a city’s building and structures consisting many skyscrapers in front of the sky in the background.

A city always has its unique and charm no matter where it is and how big the city’s development. We always found something about a city which is very inspirational – from a building’s architecture to the enormous complexity and buzzing life of a city. Photographers use their talent to photograph some of the most amazing and beautiful views of the city that we sometimes simply overlook and this help us understand more about the greatness of the urban area.

In this post, we gathered some of the Amazing & Breathtaking Views of Cityscape & Skyline Photography from all over the world, photographed by various talented photographer. You can click on the image to reach to the original source. Enjoy & get inspired!

Brooklyn Bridge by Seenew

Surfer’s Paradise, Gold Coast by Drew Nelson

The Moscow Saga by Inobras

Ray Of Hope by Arbebuk

London City Lines by Marcin Stawiarz

Chicago Skyline by Porbital

Salt Lake City Night by Dezray6

Moscow 2 by Andrewhitc

The City Of Love by Marinshe

Cairo Legend And Nightmare by Abdusalam

Amber Sky by Lazdude

Amongst Giants by Almiller

KL’s l l by Charles Gaisano

Timeless by Trixypixie

Tokyo Blues by Pom

Morning Star by Numerius

Tranquille by Lamentsoul

Emerald City by Tomas Kaspar

Times Square Overload by Patrick Wally

Palace Bridge by Xrust

Distant Dreams by Jonhyblaze

Afternoon At Honfleur by Vaggelisf

Sunburnt City by Inexistentia

Standing Strong by Digitalfreakart

Rise by Aivic

Corner Store by Ditze

Neckarfront by Kaminfreunde

Une Vue De Montmartre by Positively

Nowa Ruda Slupiec Cityscape by Tilk-The-Cyborg

Sand And Skyline by Rh89

Summer Waves by Jackie Wu

Elevate by Almiller

Rio De Janeiro by Patrick Wally

You Can Get Tacos Really Late by Greycamera

All artworks, images and photos copyright to their respective copyright holder.