Sophia Bayly and Simon Moore or known as Bayly & Moore are photographers who specialise in doco-style and stop motion video based in Auckland, New Zealand and they travel anywhere around the country and the whole world to take photos. Their passion in documentary style storytelling , or ‘reportage’ is well shown through their pictures, videos, and other projects.

I personally like the way they shoot weddings and presented them in stop motion videos by combining and aranging all pictures to create a beautiful story. Well, these are some of their awesome pictures and stop motion works.

For more of Bayly & Moore beautiful works, go to their Portfolio site, Youtube channel or Vimeo.

Freya + James by Bayly & Moore

Emma + Dan by Bayly & Moore

Sally + Karl by Bayly & Moore

Caroline + Sam by Bayly & Moore

KiaOra Magazine Images by Bayly & Moore

Stop Motion Work : Bonnie + Rhys’ Wedding by Bayly & Moore

All artwork copyright Bayly & Moore or their respective copyright holder.