We all love typography! It’s a unique and endless ways of creative art expression along side with graphic design, painting, illustration and a lot more. Nowadays, typography design also is a main source for designers and artists to express their creativity into an amazing piece of art. It’s just inspiring to see how manipulation of fonts, types, sizes and words can form a great artwork.

In today’s post, we have collected some of typographic artworks which demonstrate the unique and amazing perspective of types play. Here is the Awesome Typography Collection which will sure to inspire you. We hope you enjoy this collection and don’t forget to leave a comment to let us know which one is your favorite. See ya!

Hope Rising by Todd Fooshee

Highway To Nowhere by Colin Tossijn

True Love Type by Adriel Riveras

What Lies Within by Um0p3pisdn

You’re Paranoid by Akuto-san

We Are All Made Of Stars by Rubens Scarelli

Love Is Wild by Sikahster

Typoart by Diogo Glovatski

…All About by Vladworks

Four Capital Letters by Carment

Yeah Yeah by Par4noid

Alegoria by Eduardo Garcia

Call The Cops by Christopher Berry

Obsessed by Cesar Guevara

Vikography by Spritzthevik

Frespiration by Yani Arabena

Shades Of Lust by Shebid

Mr Vampire Eats My Juicy Steak Using No Pepper by Heath Killen

A Recipe For Gingerbread by Madi

Over Legibility by Gareth Leyshon

The Worst Mistake by Jeffrey

Computer Arts Projects by Jeremy Pettis

Love Her Once More by Katro16

Hello Color by Soad2k

Invasion by Moe Pike Soe

I’m Hot Cuz I’m Fly by Lee Huynh

Adios by Alejandro Giraldo

Happiness Is A Full Time Job by Tinta Tomica

PolkaCore by H3ad3ad

Evoke Freestyle by Redox3000

Candy’s Dandy by Emory Allen

Social Networks by Juan Camilo Gutiérrez

All artworks copyright to their respective copyright holder.