In the broadest sense, typography is the design & use of typefaces as a means of visual communication from old calligraphy to the the ever-developing use if digital type.

Typography will plays dual role as both verbal and visual communication. A good typography establishes a visual hierarchy for rendering prose on the page by providing visual punctuation and graphic accents that help readers understand relations between prose and pictures, headlines and subordinate blocks of text.

In this article, we compiles some of the Awesome Typography Collection which can be a great resources for designers to get inspiration & improve the quality of your next design projects. Enjoy!

African Art by Aeylixir

No Love by Rizign

Dub Till Dawn by ICDP

Super Fighting Robot by Jmirman

C Font by Nkeo

Type Monster by JrDragao

Understand by Fabian Delange

Dan Ger Ous by JrDragao

Happy New Year by WecoastDesign

Coffee Stain Typeface by Mark Mustaine

Typography 2 by Tjay-Design

Type Show – Final 10 by Sk8erchickroz

Good by Nio0n

Time For A Fresh Start by James O’Connell

Free At Last by Igzlz

Happy New Year 2011 by Burcu Gunister

Luv Ur Self by BlindDestiny

Moon Rock All Day by Fábio Oliveira

Rise Together by Christian San Jose

Low Budget Kong’2 by Agne Nananai

All artwork copyright to their respective copyright holder.