Typography is an important & integral part of any design. It is also the designers’ best friend & weapon in the same time. Typography nowadays is much more than what you find in a book, magazine, newspaper or packages; it is seen everywhere!

As we love seeing such great typography works done by other designers, it’s actually turned into a very inspiring form of art. We are always being inspired by the typography around us, even if we didn’t notice it yet.

Here on Awesome Typography Collection, we have collected some of the inspiring & really great typography play which demonstrate the use of type / font in a different perspective. We hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the post & inspire you to create something unique on your next typographic project. Enjoy!

I Want To Go Fast by Tokyo-Go-Go

uSSSr Logo- RN & MX Collab by Raynoa

Happy Birthday Faby by Danilo Gusmão Silveira

Chaos Type Experiment by Alex Beltechi

New Type Works by Michael Angelo

Behind The Black Sky by Raul Esquivel

These Colors Run by Brandon Brown

Bad Romance by Dean-Site

Carry On by Chin2Off

I Really Like Typography by Christopher Køltzow

Got Milk? by Eugene Mitin

Gunpowder, Treason & Plot by Ahoythere

Excessive by NeedMoreArtz

Technologic – Daft Punk by Jonas Fleuraime

Screaming by Goblina

Chanel 4 – 25th Anniversary Book by Alex Trochut

My Fake Cover by SHCH Graphics Group

I Love Art by Degodson

Designers Don’t Commit Crimes by Redox3000

Gold by Sebastien Cuypers

All artwork copyright to their respective copyright holder.