David Hill or known as Dave Hill is one of the biggest name in the photography field. Born in 1979 & grew up in San Diego, David currently lives & works in Los Angeles. He personally loves doing big and epic digital composites; applying mix of HDR and photo illustration that gives all his works a powerful visual impact to audiences.

With lots of passion towards his work he produces great pieces of artworks after giving them a lot of HDR. He usually adjust them in Photoshop, giving colors some life, working in contrast & applying some color curves. David also focuses heavily on the lighting techniques for all of his works as he feel it is the most important part of photography.

For more of Dave Hill amazing photography works, visit his Portfolio site, Flickr site or Vimeo.

Advertising Photography

Girl On An Adventure by Dave Hill

Modern Warfare by Dave Hill

Music Photography

G-Unit by Dave Hill

Three 6 Mafia by Dave Hill

Landscape Photography

Death Valley Dunes by Dave Hill

Kauai Field by Dave Hill

Northern Italy by Dave Hill

Somewhere In Mid Texas by Dave Hill

All artwork copyright Dave Hill or their respective copyright holder.