No doubt bird photography is one of the most popular types of nature photography but also is one of the most challenging and difficult to mastered. One must have a great patience, skillfulness of captivating photos, the right equipments and knowing how to be at the perfect position to capture a beautiful photo of birds is crucial.

Since birds are usually small, moves rapidly from branch to branch, loves to hiding in the dark corner and extremely aware of an approaching photographer – bird photography field can be frustrating as well as rewarding.

In this showcase, we collected some of the Amazing Examples Of Bird Photography from around the world. Talented photographers successfully captured beautiful and inspiring images for us to appreciate more about this stunning creature. You can click on each images to reach to the original source. Enjoy & get inspired!

Rudolph The Rednose Robin by Thrumyeye

Battle Ground by Bogdan Boev

Superb Starling III by Deseonocturno

Feeling Down by Bad95killer

Contemplation by Meppol

In His Own Habitat by Bogdan Boev

Gambecchio by Franco Borsi

Owls Talk by Lilia73

Eagle Fight by Virtualwords

Eagle Stretch by JWfisher

The Bittern And The Cold by Thrumyeye

Robin by Nakitez

Bohemian Waxwing by Jjuuhhaa

Oh, William by Hotburrito2

Puffin II – Wondering by Yinxy

Stork-Billed Kingfisher by Garion

It Is Freezing by Ben Heine

Great Tits by Tkmadbrain

Creature Of The Night by Svenimal

Parus Caerulues by Papkin11

Fly With Me by Timeodd

Ara Macao by Wouter Pera

Vortex by Islandtime

Hummer 11 by Tongho58

Angry Rooster by Bob Khan

Great Blue Heron by Steve

All artworks, images and photos copyright to their respective copyright holder.