In one way or another, desktop wallpapers somehow influences our feeling and mood as we look at it. It is powerful enough to inspire all of us to do better in our job. One of the best thing about wallpapers are they can be based on anything, from abstract to graphical illustrations, people, animals, flowers, landscapes, buildings – basically everything!

There are countless piece of wallpapers for you to download from the internet. Most of them are free and they are made by a lot of talented artists wanted to showcase their arts to the entire internet community. So, for today’s post we have compiled some of the Amazing & Adorable Animal Themed Wallpapers featuring various animal photography and artworks for you to download for free.

You can click on the image to go to its source and please follow their instruction on how and where to download the wallpaper of your choice. All of wallpaper’s resolution are in various sizes, from 1280 x 960 and even higher or lower. Enjoy and pick up your favorite wallpapers!

Cats Life by Apofiss

Flame by Alicexz

Stripes by GraphicStreetRacer

Birds Under Sun by VeronikaD

Gold by Nabhan

Bloodbeat III by Vhm-Alex

Forest Of Wolves by WhiteSpiritWolf

Fight For Alpha by Myaki-ru

Octopus by Igorsan

Big Cat by TitusBoy25

The Emperor by D-Na

Dead Wasp by Psychopulse

The Parrot by Termapix

Meow? by Chapelierefolle

Kung Fu Panda by Stylefieber

Magical Woelie Winter Wallie by Tiddelz

Pure Gaia Wp28 by G2k2007

Tiger by Jiuce

Emperor Penguin by G0tterdamerung

Fractal Tiger by PimArt

Fractal Panda by PimArt

Budgies And Cockatiel by MJ-Saverem

Panda Lickin’ Good by Pandasquid

Cosmic Lion by Fleimer

Little Bird by Zikarra

Iguana Colorful by Slyelf

Rooaaarrrrr by Russetman

Oink Wallpaper Tribute by Dumaker

Hanging Ferret by Kayora

African Animals by PdArt1

Birds by PdArt1

Just An Udder Wallpaper by Tsukku

All the images are copyright of their respected owners and creators. This post is about just to show their creative ideas. Please contact us if anyone want to remove their work.