An icon is a small pictogram used in graphical user interfaces to supplement the presentation of textual information to the user. Modern computers can handle bitmapped graphics with ease, so icons are widely used to assist users. Nowadays, older icons are replaced by more sophisticated and creative design – thanks to advancement in graphic software and healthy grows of talented graphic artists day by day. This resulting hundreds and hundreds of icon sets available free to download almost everywhere online and graphic artists will have an excellent opportunity to showcase their creativity and build up their reputation on the web.

In this post, we’ve rounded up 30+ High-Quality & Fresh Sets of Free Icons to decorate your desktop with some of the amazing icons or simply spice up your design projects. Hopefully everyone will find something useful for their needs. Before we forget, please make sure to read the license agreements carefully as they can change from time to time. Enjoy!

Cute Blogging Icon SetDownload

Plastique Icons Full SetDownload

Mac OS X Lion IconsDownload

Basal IconsDownload

Document IconsDownload

Circle Social Media IconsDownload

Website IconsDownload

Buddycons Social Media IconsDownload

Holographic Icon PackDownload

Harmonia Pastelis Icon SetDownload

Pixelophilia Icon SetDownload

Icon For TransformersDownload

Paperplanet Icon PackDownload

Mac 3D IconsDownload

Halloween AvatarsDownload

Icons Set 1Download

Gaia10 Icon SetDownload

Devine IconsDownload

Slick Drives IconsDownload

Antique IconsDownload

Wooden IconsDownload

Umiicons Full PackDownload

Mouse Category Season 2Download

Artificial Girl Icon SetDownload

Peppers Icons SetDownload

Aztec IconsDownload

Sushi IconsDownload

Modeeeern Icon SetDownload

iCandies Icon PackDownload

Yummy IconsDownload

Face AvatarsDownload

La Patisserie Icon SetDownload

All the images and icons are copyright of their respected owners and creators. This post is about just to show their creative ideas. Please contact us if anyone want to remove their work.