Infographic is basically a graphic visual representation of data and information. According to Wikipedia, the first examples of infographics can be found on cave walls. They are visualizations of data with the purpose to light a point in an easier to understand format. As we live in a fast pace world nowadays, the need to communicate in a quick and effective way is becoming more pronounced.

Infographics today are not just digital artworks. It takes a lot of research and gathering of precise data that would later be visualized in graphical format. To cite examples, we compiled 25 Inspirational & Excellent Infographics which are really creative in integrating a great design and easy to understand information. Get inspired with how they were done and – enjoy!

The Business Of Giving

Breaking The Glass Ceiling : Women In Business

Mac Vs Pc : A Hunch Rematch

Do You Need A Social Media Detox

Help Japan

The Apple Field Guide

Deals, Deals, Deals… And More Deals

The Hectic Schedule Of A Social Media Manager

Things You Didn’t Know About Sleep

Graphic Designer’s Road Map

What Your Web Design Say About You

Portfolio Tips

The Evolution Of Web Design

Who’s Using Twitter And How They’re Using It

The Evolution Of The Blogger

Copywriters : The Infographic

Brands That Do Customer Service The Right Way

Fastest Ways To Lose Customers

Anatomy Of A Perfect Landing Page

The First Jobs Of Tech Billionaires

The Downtime Survival Guide

What Is A Stock?

Photographer’s Life Through The Lens

The Depressing Statistics About Anti-Depressants

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