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Cool Tees Of The Day – LRG

Lifted Research Group or known as LRG is co-founded in 1999 in Santa Ana, CA, by Jonas Bevacqua and Robert Wright. LRG is a creative lifestyle clothing company that represented a variety of influences, a reflection of Jonas and Robert’s environment and interests…

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7 Creatively Done Commercial Ads

Advertising is a form of communication intended to persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners) to purchase or take some action upon products, ideas, or services…

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Showcase #11 – Paul Davey

Paul Davey or known as Mattahan is a super-talented artist grew up in a small town in the beautiful hills of Manchester, Jamaica. Paul is currently working as a freelance illustrator and is accepting commissions. Combining his own unique style and subject matter…

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20+ Best & Effective Identity Design Collection

Identity design or known as corporate identity is the face you put forward, usually in print, in the form of logos, business cards, letterhead, and other materials. Corporate identity comes into being when there is a common ownership of an organizational philosophy…

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Creative Animations Collection #06

The term “motion graphics” was popularized by Trish and Chris Meyer’s book about the use of Adobe After Effects, titled “Creating Motion Graphics”. This was the beginning of desktop applications which specialized in video production, but were not editing or 3D programs…

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Sites Of The Week #12

Hello there, thanks for stopping by. Sites Of The Week is a roundup of the awesome website designs that we stumble across during our every day browsing. Also, we would love to hear some suggestions from you. We will be happy to feature your site here…

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High-Quality Free Social Media Icons Collection

Icons are without doubt an essential in any graphical user interfaces & can be very useful to furnish users with unforgettable images; an effective visual cues for performing tasks or navigating to a certain location…

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Awesome Typography Collection #09

Typography is an important & integral part of any design. It is also the designers’ best friend & weapon in the same time. Typography nowadays is much more than what you find in a book, magazine, newspaper or packages; it is seen everywhere!

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