Web design nowadays has become more and more creative than ever. With a lot of emerging young talented designer, only the sky be the limit for creativity when it comes to designing a web interface. There are a lot of visually stunning and appealing websites created everyday wether they are portfolios or personal sites. These designs display excellent work done by great designers with huge creativity, thought and effort.

Here we showcase 20 Creative & Practical Web Design Interfaces for you to inspire and hopefully can spark some creative juices in your mind. All these designs are from DeviantArt and you can click on each images to go to their original resources. Enjoy!

Qark Modern by OrangeIdea

Portfolio Theme by Sunilbjoshi

Ckra by Osec

Opec by Ejsing

Tightylines by Tropfich

Monolith by 4Ovs

Hipster Frontpage by Matetoth

Crocked Screwer by Prkdeviant

Ivored by 4Ovs

Jane Website by Foxblaster

Motivational Engineering by Kenaxle

Pixel Studio by DragosBubu

Chocolates Of The World by PinkyPinkee

Dead Stocker by Vladimir Kudinov

Minimalist Portfolio by Ladoopa

SpurPress by Shoden23

Public Realtions Co. Design 2 by SeriousSamm

Carrying Trade Site by Floydworx

Saint Martin Tourism by Loudamedia

LinenPress by Detrans

All the images are copyright of their respected owners and creators. This post is about just to show their creative ideas. Please contact us if anyone want to remove their work.