Infographics, “extensively used as tools by computer scientists, mathematicians, and statisticians” , have exploded onto the internet in the last few years. What’s so great about these infographics is their ability to paint a larger picture of what it is the creator is trying to express to the audiences.

Instead of pouring over figures and long reports of collected datas, an infographic can immediately make apparent exactly what a dataset actually means. It’s easier and faster to understand.

We are truly delighted to show you these brilliant and informative infographics created by various talented individuals. Here’s a collection of 20 Informative & Useful Infographics which are colorful, lively, shocking and educational. Enjoy!

How The Internet Works

How The World Spends Its Time Online

Life & Death Of A One Dollar Bill

The Boom Of Social Sites

The Evolution Of The Geek

The Tablet Takeover

Web 2.0 Summit : Points Of Control

Should I Work For Free

WTF Is HTML5 & Why We Should All Care

Twitter Users Profile

Internet Censorship Report

All You Need To Know About Web Designers

The Darwinian Evolution Of Photoshop

Banking On The World Bank

Who’s Buying What?

The Earth’s Oldest Trees

2010 Social Networking Map

The Digital Dump

How Would You Like Your Graphic Design?

Who Is Coming To America?

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