Branding or known as corporate identity is the face you put forward, usually in print, in the form of logos, business cards, letterhead, and other materials. Corporate identity comes into being when there is a common ownership of an organizational philosophy that is manifest in a distinct corporate culture — the corporate personality.

Here are some Creative & Amazing Branding Design examples of a well-designed and carefully-planned corporate identity from around the world where you can draw inspiration from. Enjoy!

1. Nordic Built by Snohetta Design

2. Huntress Rebrand by Workbrands

3. Italian Pasta Brand – Bachelor Thesis by Yanko Djarov

4. Thise Mejeri by Steffen Steffen

5. Stonhenge Co by Eleno Ortegon

6. Hromov Corporate Identity by Gagik Mesropian

7. Red Grill House by The Potting Shed

8. Business Cards 2012 by Si Maclennan

9. William Prescott Branding by Piotr Steckiewicz

10. off. by Julian Hrankov, Konstatin Datz

11. Steve Shine (OBE) by Analogue

12.TAFL – Alea Evangelii by Kocsis Csaba

13. Enumen by Xy Json

14. Le Depanneur Cafe by Fanny Roy

15. Bikes Identity by Michael Gad

16. DOB ADS by Dework

17. TINE Melkerampa by Torjan Rood Vastveit


19. Bar des varieties by Marilyne Graphicwand

20. VISUAL IDENTITY UFF by Madeleine Skjelland Eriksen

All artwork copyright to the artist or their respective copyright holder.