3D modeling is the process of developing a mathematical representation of any three-dimensional surface of object via specialized software. The product is called a 3D model. In order to really appreciate the beauty of 3D creations, one should see how the 3D model are first created to understand the processes and effort for creating a detailed 3D model from nothing.

In this collection, we round up some of the most Outstanding & Amazing 3D Character Designs from all over the world created by various talented 3D artists. We hope you’ll get a lot of inspiration by these artworks to create your own 3D character design someday. Enjoy!

Doctor Octopus by Isikol

Judge Dredd – I’m The Law by Isikol

Haku Naruto by Fabio M Silva

Lego Star Wars – Dark Side On by DubberRucky

Knights And Days by Aabrownjr

Queen by Alex Wert

If I Had Balls…. by SaphireNishi


The Boxing Kangaroo by Jose Alves Silva

On The Lookout by Sntxrrr

Mech Chameleon by Tomasso Sanguigni

Frienemies by Ionisys

Voltron by JPRart

Investigation by Red1Osman

Halowars – Spartan Light Test by Baldasseroni

Maximus Red by DigitalRebelStudio

Ion Saturn Decepticon by Phungdinhdung

Slayer City by Fygomatic

Bichu Bala by Beleleu

Portrait Of Sovanna by Kolakis

November Calavera by Stroggtank

QRIO Wave by SubAqua

Mantera – Powersuit 01 by CycomArts

All artwork copyright to their respective copyright holder.