Today most of designer prefer to do clean and straightforward branding. The reasons are based from the quote “Less is more”, which by any means reducing it to a pure, simpler state of design. It improves the design effectiveness to let the viewers know only what they wanted. Non-essential information may lead to boredom and as a result, viewer will become less interested with the design.

In this post, we’ve collected the best design that are up-to-date and suitable for corporate design too! This collection are done by some of the talented designers from all over the world. Enjoy!

1. MB Identity by Michael Bohdankiewicz

2. Aishti Identity by Jessica Walsh, Sagmeister and Walsh

3. Mylene Poisson Sommeliere by CASERNE, David Tremblay, Elizabeth Beaudion, Ugo Varin

4. Renhand Corporate and Brand Identity by Higher

5. Lamon Luther by Russell Shaw

6. Two Times Elliott Stationery by Two Times Elliot

7. Acasso Branding by pinxai

8. Playground Bar by Ivan Manolov

9. Global Cleveland by Jasen Melnick

10. Revenue Alley by Kommunikat, Kuba Enzowski, artentiko.

11. Accents Decoration by La Tortilleria

12. Denim Pavilion by Pavel Emelyanov, Eskimo

13. Shuck Juwelier by Ineo Designlab

14. Nike London 2012 Retailer Hospitality by Darrin Cresecenzi

15. Hyperbrand Identity by HyperBrand

16. Yacht Club Boleslawiec by Michael Bohdankiewicz

All artwork copyright to the artist or their respective copyright holder.