Packaging design is one of the aspects of design that we see everyday wether at home or office. Packaging design also has a huge power over what we buy. We tend to identify with a product because we believe in their “brand promise” and the package carries a lot of those promises. Packaging design is not simply to inform the customers, but also can provoke feelings and communicate emotions through an effective visualization on the package.

If a packaging design successfully grab the attention of audiences, then the package certainly have succeeded in creating effective packaging design. It’s not as hard as you think, sometimes all it takes is a fresh and creative approach of design to take the package to really stand out from other competitors.

Today we are presenting some Examples Of Creative Packaging Design created by various talented artists and designers from all around the world for your own inspiration. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

1. Grappa Oropuro by Andrea Basile

2. Mustache Pete by Matadog Design

3. Jooze Fruit Juices by Yunyeen Yong

4. Rocco DiSpirito Spice Line by Shadowdansere

5. Farmer’s Daughter by Sara Esnaashari

6. Slowly Does It by Bersgstudio

7. Cream & Sugar by Cedrik Ferrer

8. Paper Knife In A Box by Mitsuaki T

9. McMillan Ranch Packaging by Addison Ragsdale

10. Step Right Up by Carly Hayes Mankowski

11. Geo Organics by Freddy Taylor

12. Mafe Maria Eco Packaging by Maria Stultz

13. Loma Chocolate by Violet Tchalakov

14. Anderson’s Coffee by Kelly

15. Tengu Noodle by Rory Phollips

All artwork copyright to the artist or their respective copyright holder.