As an iPhone or certain iPod/iPad (with camera) users, no matter how many applications you have installed on your device, you are always on the lookout for the next free great apps especially for photography and image editing applications. Thanks to countless developers, there are literally hundred of awesome photography and image editing apps that may help you capture and edit your photos with ease.

Mobile photography is growing big nowadays. There’s no big, bulky and expensive cameras for us to take great photos. As long as it’s called a camera, you can basically take great photos with the help of a good technique and photography application of your choice.

So today, we present to you 10 Cool & Totally Free Photography Apps for your iPhone, iPod or iPad. We hope this list can save your time that would otherwise be spent on searching for these apps. Enjoy!

1. Instagram by Burbn, Inc.

It’s a fun and simple photos sharing app. With over a dozen filters, you can post your pictures and share it with all instagrammers all around the world. You can even ‘like’ or drop comments on other user’s pictures.

2. Adobe Photoshop Express by Adobe Systems Incorporated

Yes it is Photoshop, it’s on iPhone and it’s free! This app allow you to crop, enhance, play with colors, apply effects and borders to your pictures.

3. Pudding Camera by KTH

This app offers 8 kind of cameras and 8 kind of films for users to choose including the basic iphone setting for absolutely free. It also have exposure setting and users can share their pictures online.

4. Classic Toy by Miss Kiwi

This free version of this app offers 4 kind of basic lens and 16 kinds of film effect. Users can also switch on the overdrive mode for more intense lens or film effect.

5. Tiltshift Generator Free – Fake Miniature by Art & Mobile

Ever wonder how people make a real picture looks like a miniature? Try this app and see for yourself. This app allow you to control the depth of field of your picture to get the miniature effect.

6. Classic Camera by Visualworks

With a real time preview, users can preview the result without having to take pictures first. This app have 6 beautiful pre-set effects for pictures and videos.

7. Greenspot Fix by Otiv Lab

There’s only one great purpose of this app, to remove the annoying green spot in your photos when taking under a fluorescent light.

8. Color Leap by Zipix, Inc.

This app automatically enhance pictures that you took by correcting the ever-exposed or under-exposed part. It will also reduce noises that usually occure in low-light conditions and sharpening image thats is slightly out of focus.

9. Corel Paint It! Now by Corel Corporation

Another app from a big and famous company. It turns your pictures into painting with 5 painting effects and you can see the effects being apply stroke by stroke.

10. Mill Colour by The Mill

The Mill is an award-winning vusual effect company, so users can already guessed what is this app is all about. Its a powerful , easy and a unique photo grading application.